Month: October 2016

Upgrading Town Hall Guide

Upgrading Town Hall Guide for TH6-TH9

Upgrading Town Hall Guide. Before beginning, I need to make it clear that this is the way I updated my structures/troops, and you don’t need to do everything precisely along these lines. I simply observed …
Scouting enemy

Scouting enemy Guide

Scouting enemy Clan in the planning day is imperative If you need to have an extraordinary war with clear assault techniques and the best Clan troop creations by recognizing what accurate assault procedures the adversaries …
Clash of Clans Tips from TH1-TH10

Clash of Clans Tips from TH1-TH10! Must Know

This is a post about Clash of Clans Tips from TH1-TH10! Must Know ok. This aide is an aide on WHAT you have to think about TH updating and barrier/solution/w/e overhauling Most importantly. Plunder penalties. This things suck. …