The best way to search for Opponents Faster for Attacking

Hello men, The best way to search for Opponents Faster for Attacking in clash of clans is really very important because it saves a lot of gamer time.  In this little post, I’m really going to show you the best way to seek out adversaries considerably quicker, which helps me saving lots of time while farming!

Search for Opponents Faster for Attacking

I have been utilizing it for years and am aware that lots of players have understood this trick but I actually need to share it with others and I am hoping it is not overly late!

Search for Opponents Faster for Attacking

Usually while farming, we keep pressing the Following button as well as the display “Hunting for Competitions” keeps showing up. How many time do you spend regular to see these clouds that are unnecessary? If you are fostering your Barracks in addition, this is a large waste of Stone.

I ‘ve a trick which can help you hunt for adversaries considerably more rapid and a lot of the time they’ll appear instantly! Now, let us have a look at this little gif I made:

While trying to find competitors, simply wait until the timer is at 28s 26s and press the competition that is fresh will appear considerably quicker and you can earn lots of more loot, particularly if you are farming with improved Barracks.

If you are playing Clash of clans on Bluestacks then follow these steps to make it faster:

Step 1: Assess the RAM in bluestacks by going in Settings/Programs/Operating (It will be approx 768mb By default option)

Step 2: Close all the running Blustacks processes by HD-Quit located in C:/Program files/Bluestacks/

Step 3: Now go to RUN (Ctrl+R) and type regedit


Step 5: Now see on the Right hand side. Find MEMORY . Double click on it. Change to Decimal from Hexadecimal . You can see that the value is 768. Now Change it to 1024.

Note: Keep values according to the specifications of your PC. Dont SHARE more than half of your PC RAM .

Step 6: Now close everything and RESTART your Computer.

Step 7: Open BLUESTACKS.Go to the course as of MEASURE 1.You will soon have the ability to find out the complete RAM could be Approx 850 MB Useable.

According to me this is the Maximum RAM which a blustack user can use.


Although this really is simply a little suggestion but I trust you’ve found it helpful men!

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