Choosing The Right Base to Attack for loot

Hello guys and girls, my subscriber/Blog readers frequently asking me the perfect way to select correct base to attack  and gain massive loot. So what I have done is created a fantastic guide and named it as “Choosing The Right Base to Attack for loot“. So how’s my Title ? Do comment below. Hey hey wait t there is more rather than just a title so go on till the end of this post.

Why Choose Right Base to Attack for loot ?

Choosing the right base to attack is very important if you mission is to collect massive loot because all base have massive amount of Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir cannot be looted completely and it is very vital to carry exact army composition which is very cost-effective.

Now you must be thinking why cost-effective army composition ? haha it must be coming somewhere in your mind right ?

So just think if you got 0.6 million of total loot including Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir and lost 0.2 million of Elixir and 5000 Dark Elixir. will it be good deal for your Storage ?

or you got 0.6 million of total loot and just used 60000 Elixir and 1000-2000 Dark Elixir. So tell me which attack is best for loot? of course the second one where you will get 0.6 million of total loot by using just 60000 Elixir and 1000-2000 Dark Elixir because it will give you same amount of loot gained and will also save your Elixir/ Dark Elixir means good for your pocket.

So I hope that it’s totally clear now why we should focus on choosing the right base to attack for loot and now let’s move on to the next level : How to Choose The Right Base to Attack for loot.

Choosing The Right Base to Attack for loot

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Choosing The Right Base to Attack for loot

If you are an experienced player of Clash of Clans for PC Game then you might know that many bases are designed to save Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storage from their enemies/attackers and many are designed to collect trophies, So in this guide I am will show you how to identify those bases which can be looted easily.

Here are few signs to identify those bases which can be looted easily :-

  1. Storage Position: Maximum protection is in the center of the base if the storage is not located in the center, it’s a good sign and it can be looted easily.
  2. Wall Protection: If the storage’s is not surrounded with walls,  it’s a good sign and it can be looted easily.
  3. Protection Towers: If the storage is not well protected by Archer towers, Wizzard Towers..Haha Jackpot Sign for loot.
  4. Town Hall Level: Higher Town Hall are very hard to crack so i suggest leaving Town Hall 10 and 11 for collecting loot because they are well protected.

I hope these four tricks will help you identify right base to attack for loot and it’s not the end there are more guides on its way to help you.

Important: If you are unaware about the fact that Clash of Clans can also be played on PC easily with the help of Bluestacks App Player and you can download Clash of Clans PC.

I hope now you will collect lots of loot, Good Luck!  and if you have any queries, questions, suggestions please do comment below.

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