Clash of Clans August 2016 Update – Balance Changes

Clash of Clans August 2016 Update – Balance Changes: Hi guys, ultimately Supercell is back for that next Clash of Family major update. Within the meanwhile, we’ve some modest changes to help make the game a lot more healthy! Let’s have a look!

The DPS of the Canon Stage 11 to Stage 14 got a raise – here’s what Supercell just did:

Clash of Clans August 2016 Update Balance Changes

Clash of Clans August 2016 Update - Balance Changes

First of all before heading to the post Clash of Clans August Balance Changes 2016 i want to inform you that this game cals of clans can also be played on PC/Computer/Laptop now to learn more about it please visit our clash of clans for pc homepage.

Cannon’s damage increased for Cannon levels from 11 to 14

Canon Level 11
Previous DPS: 75
New DPS: 80
Canon Level 12
Previous DPS: 86
New DPS: 95
Canon Level 13
Previous DPS: 98
New DPS: 110
Canon Level 14
Previous DPS: 110
New DPS: 120

So overall the Canon offer between 7% and 9% more harm, that is not a great deal to create Cannons also overpowered within my first impression.

This can be a great update from Supercell to be able to assist our towns cope with large-episodes from mid size models easier.

Air traps are now triggered by healers

They trigger atmosphere barriers once more because of the fact that they’re a choice high level troop. They offer an enormous flexibility comparing for their cost. All the best Seeking Air Mine!

The Miners’ motion velocity was 24 prior to the update also it got reduced to 20. This makes it a little slower.

The interesting point to determine is likely to be when the comments declaring this can make him also effective because staying behind other soldiers and longer in the Healing Spell array is likely to be amiss.

Eagle Artillery Service

Prior to the update the Eagle Artillery was triggered when 150 housing room was decreased (Characters depend 25 and each cause property area 5).

What do you consider about that update my buddy? Please share your views!

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