Clash of Clans Miner – New Troops

Ok folks so ultimately Supercell has revealed Clans Troop within the forthcoming Might Update – Clash of Clans Miner!  Let’s find out what we got about that new man and have a look!

Clash of Clans Miner

Clash of Clans Miner
The Miner appears right alongside the goal, bypasses beneath Surfaces and quickly burrows underground. Obviously, he can not be targeted by anything while he’s digging. Each time after destroying a target, he reach the following target and burrows. As a result of this, he doesn’t while he’s underground trigger any lure.

He requires five minutes to coach and takes 5 housing areas. He’s also fairly inexpensive, nearly 4200 Elixir.
There are 4 degrees as a whole.
The Miner doesn’t have favorite target.
Periods affect miners even if they’re underground.

Offensive Strategy

Clash of Clans Miner is comparable to the Hog Driver before it’d strike defenses; a troop that may avoid surfaces that strikes anything. The Miner is better still when underground because it is invincible.
Miner’s may be used to kind of trigger traps and attract Clan Castle troops out. They could even be used like a little distraction.
E.g, You Are carrying out a GoWiPe (Golems, Wizards and P.E.K.K.Ais), however the Inferno Systems and Family Castle soldiers are likely to remove your Golems in seconds once in variety! You can easily spot a miner approximately to appear and disturb the Defenses.
The Miner CAn’t be positioned anywhere about the map-like the Clash Royale counterpart. It should be located away from red region like every other device.

Defensive Strategy

This troop is great. Although your troops have been in the fight, the Miner can come out of left field, while they’re striking another defending troops benefiting from visits because it goes undercover. Therefore exceptional that it may not be really easy to get down one, as it could only be broken while above ground. Using numerous soldiers to take one-out could make the Miner a fast storage so long as it does not remove all of your devices.


It appears like very cool do get your Very King inside and utilize the Miners. They’ll become true creatures!

What do you consider about the Miner within this new update folks? Please share your views!

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