Clash of Clans Tips from TH1-TH10! Must Know

This is a post about Clash of Clans Tips from TH1-TH10! Must Know ok. This aide is an aide on WHAT you have to think about TH updating and barrier/solution/w/e overhauling

Most importantly. Plunder penalties. This things suck. You figure out how to loathe them. Unless of your th7 being assaulted by th10. However, here is a rundown of it

Note: These things thing that you have 2 developers until Mid th5 and 3 manufacturers until mid TH8. Contingent upon play this can differ.

Town Hall Level Difference Percentage of Loot Available

+3 or more = 200%
+2 = 150%
+1 = 110%
0  =100%
-1 = 90%
-2 =50%
-3 =25%
-4 or less = 5%

Now to define Clash Of Clans vocab.
TH = Town Hall.
CC = Clan Castle.
AD = Air Defense
AT = Archer Tower.
WT = Wizard Tower.
DE = Dark Elixir
Splash = Area damage.Harm that hits ALL Targets in its range Cultivating. Concentrating on assets NOT trophies. Puts his TH outside as a rule.

Clash of Clans Tips from TH1-TH10 – How to Increase Score (Video)

Town Hall 1. Take after the instructional exercise :-


Town Hall 2. Upgrade both guns without a moment’s delay to level 3. At that point get your toxophilite up. At long last your dividers

Town Hall 3. Build your lab ASAP and a mortar. At that point Clan château. These are your BEST structures until later on. (Lab ALWAYS is a need)

Your mortars one shot any level 1 toxophilite. It can without much of a stretch slaughter huge amounts of troops primarily bowmen on the double. Yet again guns then toxophilite. Additional gold?! Dividers!

I THINK this is the first TH you can get your CC so get it asap. Discover a group to join so you can get 10 limit of troops for barrier/assaulting. Additionally give else YOU will be kicked

Town Hall 4. Lab. Mortar. CC. Gun. Toxophilite. Air resistance. Dividers.

You at long last get an air barrier. Presently you wont be destroyed via air troops otherwise known as inflatable. A level ONE air resistance does 90! harm EVERY second. That disaster areas ONLY AIR troops. Yes that’s right. Air resistance are DUH just focusing on air. Having one truly secured otherwise known as the one and only you get until th7 diverts those balloon’s from you taking say 100,000 gold from you to take another person.

Town hall 5. Lab. Wizard (Get it don’t redesign till after mortar) Mortar. Wizard Upgrade. CC Cannon. Bowman. Air Defense. Dividers.

You get your second and last sprinkle building!. Sprinkle is your most critical safeguard for cultivating. They say mortars cut down troops rapidly? Nope Wizards do. They may do crappy dps at level 1-3 yet after that they do so much harm. Def overhaul these infants as a need.

Town lobby 6. The penultimate town corridor of Farming loot!

This town lobby is nothing exceptional. No new structures. So simply redesign the standard thing. Lab than wizard than mortar than tribe mansion than gun than toxophilite then air then dividers..

Town corridor 7. The cream of the product. The BEST town corridor as far as plunder.

Initially begin off with new structures. New structures = better. You likewise get Teslas. The second quicker shooting tower in the amusement. This thing doesn’t do much harm at first yet it rapidly increase and does as such much at level 7. (TH9) At this town corridor take after past steps however SERIOUSLY UPGRADE EVERYTHING! You become acquainted with a legend. The brute lord. He is NOT justified, despite all the trouble until later in your TH7 life.

In any case, max EVERYTHING. Authorities. Dividers. Each and every THING. On the off-chance that you don’t complete dividers here you may never complete them.

Everything EXPECT savage ruler. Unless you have abundance dull mixture don’t overhaul him. Armed force CAMPS ARE YOUR SECOND BIGGEST PRIORITY AFTER LAB

Since your maximized at th7 the time has come to take a major ruin of plunder. So get prepared. Town lobby 8 is impending here.

Town corridor 8. Lab  Wizard Mortar Cannon Tesla Archer Tower Air protection Walls.

Same as usual. Be that as it may, here you have less plunder yet Spicer troops. Level 5. Actually this is one of the more Town halls because of most structures going 2 levels rather than the traditional 1 level(s). Dividers are no more THAT quite a bit of a need. Level 7 is really terrifying the length of your safeguard is sufficiently high.

Since your maxed the time has come to begin shutting on in immaculate cultivating hellfire.

Town Hall 9. In the event that your sprinkle is maxed your bows are your essential priority. Have 6 million gold prepared and 40 thousand dim mixture because that will be the best thing. What’s more, have your mixture stockpiling going right now. You need to have level 6 troops beginning asap. Specifically relying upon army’s id go Giants-Archers-Barbs-Balloons. Lab-Xbows-Elixer-Wizards-Mortars-Cannons-Teslas-Archer Towers-Air defense Walls.

Dividers here from 9-10 are exceptionally expensive. At least have level 8 dividers before th10. In any case, yes. This is prob the TH you will all that much loathe. It is horrendous and monstrous on occasion. The plunder is semi better than average. I for one make 10 million a day expect after overhauls.

Town hall 10. You are no more a child. You’re a major harsher. Well done. Welcome to cultivating hellfire. Have a great time.

Inferno Towers – Xbows-Everything else.

That’s all I have to say

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