Coming Up Healer Changes

Coming Up Healer Changes: There is lots of dialogue concerning the recently reported change to create Healers once more trigger air barriers. There are issues particularly regarding it could affect the “King walk” or “Super King” technique, where an assault starts having a higher level Archer King flanked by atleast four Healers.

We realize that people are extremely enthusiastic about that technique, with valid reason, because it happens to be among the best within the game! Here’s even more insight to the development group’s reasoning behind the change.

Coming Up Healer Changes

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Coming Up Healer Changes – Clashofclans

Risk versus Reward

Healers have been a hard device to balance when it comes to risk versus reward.

Previously, ground armies dependent on Healer assistance were way too dangerous. Healers were vulnerable to walking unnecessarily over the opponent Town and getting shot down, or getting concentrated on remote soldiers. Walking Healers triggered atmosphere barriers, that could mean instant disaster to top it down. These were way too dangerous, and therefore their use was low!

Ever since then, we have created many modifications to try and create Healer use rewarding and less dangerous. We created did many changes to Healer AI to create her better at sticking with the soldiers that require her and less vulnerable to wandering, and Healers not trigger traps.

Today, we find ourselves using the other problem. Within the skilled attacker’s hands, it’s common to get a number of Healers to endure categories of Bowlers and the whole fight, concealed behind the Archer King. Healers are becoming way too safe!

King walking forecast

A properly executed although it’s still a method of talent that people have no purpose of removing in the game, King walk is extremely effective. We discover that a measured stability is provided by the additional threat of atmosphere barriers towards the effective benefits of the technique.

Usually reveals Healers walk to some really small part of the Town. Even when a defense places all 5 Seeking Atmosphere Mines round the beyond their Town, our playtesting indicates that it’s extremely unusual for several Healer to be shot down throughout a well-executed King walk. It may be advisable for enemies that depend on a good King walk to release an additional Healer “in case,” but we discover the technique still impressive.

The escalation in the Eagle Artillery service limit supports this tactic for TH11 King walkers, if we discover that this tactic is becoming punished and we shall do further handling.

Bowling forecast

Your playtesting indicates that larger improvements may be viewed later within the fight, for example throughout the center of the large-Bowler attack. These are episodes that may keep 100+ property room value of soldiers (including all the Healers) still intact despite completely destroying a maxed out TH11 Town. The key reason for this strange success needs to do with risk versus reward. There’s deficiencies in sufficient risks posed to back-point Healers propping up such long range armies.

With oxygen barriers in-play the more efficient the assault, the more atmosphere barriers Healers may experience, thus offering a normal defensive “break the rules.” Again, it is about incentive and managing risk, and we have noticed that well-executed Bowler episodes may still accomplish very well despite these Healer changes.

We anticipate observing how people adjust their armies and defensive designs and obtaining the handling area live. As always, we will be continuing to check the sport and making changes to maintain Clash healthy and diverse later on.

Clash on Clasher!


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