Download Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop Free

If you want to run android apps or games on your PC/Laptop, you will need to download Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7. Bluestacks download is absolutely free and easy to install on Windows 10. You can also download and install bluestacks app player on Windows 8.1/8 and Windows 7 (Bluestacks for windows 7 ).

Bluestacks is the best Android Emulator for windows (also called as Bluestacks app player for windows).

What is Bluestacks ?

BlueStacks is a software Which allows us to install and run Android applications in our Windows Laptop/PC for free. This blue stacks app player allows us to install which ever android apps and games we want like Clash of Clans for PC, WhatsApp for PC on your Computer plus much more Android applications in your Windows desktop for free. Using bluestacks on windows 10 is very easy and all just you need is a PC/Laptop and an Internet connection.

Minimum System Requirements to Download and Install  Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop

  • Your Windows PC/Laptop must be connected to Internet in order to download and install Bluestacks for Windows.
  • Windows PC/Laptop must have atleast 2GB or higher RAM.
  • Windows PC/Laptop must have 4GB of free disk space for downloading and installing BlueStacks App Player.
  • Your Windows PC/Laptop’s graphics driver should be updated to latest version order to  successfully install BlueStacks on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop.

Download Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop

Follow the following steps to successfully download and install Bluestacks App player on your PC or Laptop :-

1 . Download the latest/updated version of Bluestacks from here :


1. BlueStacks Free Download Image

2. After the download is completed it will ask you to Open or Run the application. So click on “Open” or “Run” button.


3. After that click Next to start the installation process.


4. Now select the Data location where you want to install it and click Next.


5. Now you need to click on the install button to finally start installing Blue stacks Free App Player and also make sure to tick both the items:-

  • App store access
  • Application Communications

It helps Bluestacks to work better and improve in future.


6. Now wait for few minutes, it takes some time to install.

Note: You must have an updated graphics driver.



8. Now check start bluestacks check box and click on Finish button to start Bluestacks App Player.



Wow, you have successfully installed Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop Free so enjoy and don’t every forget to say thanks by Commenting below and sharing this article on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Download Bluestacks for Windows 10/Windows 7/ Windows 8 is free and safe for our users and I have also listed few features of Blue Stacks, take a look.

Features of Bluestacks for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop

Now I hope you must have got an idea about what is Bluestacks and how to download and install it on your computer or Laptop but now i want to tell you more about bluestacks app player and it’s cool features, They are as follows:-

  • You can download and install Bluestacks on your computer for free of cost.
  • Bluestacks app player allows you to install any android app or game on your computer with or without Google Play Store.
  • You can run Bluestacks on all version of windows PC/Laptop without any error.
  • Bluestacks team regularly updates to make it more user-friendly and less memory consuming.
  • Bluestacks by default has some android apps/games downloaded and installed like Clash of Clans PC and WhatsApp.
  • It also supports input devices like Mouse, Keyboard, touch and other input devices.
  • You can also maximize it and make it run on full screen.


Peoples also use Android Emulators like MEmu Play to play games like Clash Royale For PC but I personally recommend you installing BlueStacks Plays to play games on your PC because it’s really one of the best Android emulator of the world (Top Ranked) and if you have any doubts, questions or suggestion regarding Download Bluestacks for Windows 10 then comment below and I would love it answer them out.

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BlueStacks App Player for Windows Review
  • Easy Installation
  • User Friendly
  • Resource Usage
  • Features


BlueStacks App Player for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 on PC/Laptop is an android emulator to Download and run android Apk file (apps, games, etc).

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