Golem’s Playground Deck Building – Clash Royale

Golem’s Playground Deck: The primary focus of the Golem terrace would be to manage your opponent having a barrage of significant soldiers once they create a mistake and punish them. Perform this deck patiently and you’ll possess a certain win! Thanks Mr Boombastic In The Akatsuki for discussing this deck around

Golem Deck for Industry 6+

Golem’s Playground Deck Building - Clash Royale


Golem’s Playground Deck Building

Employ speed slows to your benefit and plan your attack. Their best supports would be the Tombstone that really help remove annoying Minion Tons and Barbarians in addition to the sporadic Inferno Structure along with the Heater. Just use this card throughout the x2 Elixir period normally you it’ll be very dangerous.

The Tombstone could be useful in a number of conditions. First-priority is service for your Golem. Skeletons help remove Inferno Systems that may cause major damage among your Golem and Mini P.E.K.K.A. Next, it may be useful for protection. The Tombstone protects well against P.E.K.K.An and King while major damage drops on enemies.

Furnace: The Heater, second-most underutilized Spawner within the Conflict Royale, the Heater helps support your Golem by working large injury that is constant on Barbarians and Minion Millions. This building can be used primarily on crime but could be altered to protection in case there is a crisis. Furthermore, in case your Heater degree is large enough, you should use Heater to processor down the vulnerable Structure effortlessly!

Inferno System: In recent information, P.E.K.K.An and the Large have become in recognition, same goes for Sparky and that legendaries Lava Chase. The Inferno Structure inflicts massive levels of harm on these large troops. And that’s what it’s employed for, strong defense very self explanatory.

Elixir Collector: elixir, self explanatory simply attempt to reach least one down before a large push.
Barbarians: moving forward from such we’ve and structures

Barbarians: an extremely powerful card that displays a lot of cards. Large, musketeers, when played even Sparky, and Royal Giant, Hog Driver. Irrespective of protecting, I love to put these men before the Golem when the Elixir is open to help turn off Inferno and Cannons Systems that may disturb the Golem.

Spear Goblin: Very flexible troop that may be found in a number of conditions. Goblins are primarily from getting to much damage a service troop that support the Golem. Countering Minions, Valkyries and Mini P.E.K.K.A. On offense usually spot these men behind the Golem to avoid getting harm from Wizards or possible Bombers. Using the Heater utilize them on defense to assist table Barbarians and Minion Millions.

Bomber: The Bomber nearly as flexible whilst the Spear Goblins. This troop helps break the rules offers and frustrating spawner units heavy damage on soldiers such as Expert and the Musketeer. Offensively you’ll wish to spot him behind the Golem to assist gone colonies for example Barbarians, Goblins… Defensively you’ll wish to spot him behind the Crown Systems to exterminate Millions of soldiers.


The reason behind this put up would be to make sure your systems take small to no harm. First-line of protection may be the Tombstone which supply the Inferno Structure and will disturb all soldiers, this put up also enables both systems to assault soldiers increasing the success.


  • Hog+Freeze: Due to The absolute quantity of building the hog is going to be method to distracted to actually feel the structure.
  • Balloon+Freeze: the Mechanism may disturb enough so that additional soldiers in addition to the Inferno Structure may chip away at it.
  • Sparky+Wizard: Easy, Tombstone skeletons disturb Sparky while Sparky is incinerated by Inferno Systems.
  • Large: him releases up.
  • P.E.K.K.A+Rage the Skeletons may have the P.E.K.K.A distracted enough so that he can be obliterated by the Inferno Structure.
  • Additional Spawners: Make Use of The several splash damage soldiers inside your collection to press against Spawners. Plus when the Golem could be pay his
  • death harm could be enough to place down many Spawner troops.
  • Additional Golems: Easy, Golem’s slow-speed enables the Inferno Structure to takes down it in a matter of seconds.


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