Great Tips for Queen and Healer Attack

I’ve been using Queen and Healer Attack since quite a long time ago and I see that many clash of clans players have started doing the same. So i have decided to write an article on”Great Tips for Queen and Healer Attack” and share it  with all my blog readers..

Great Tips for Queen and Healer Attack

Great Tips for Queen and Healer Attack


Great Tips for Queen and Healer Attack are as follows :-

Sometimes, you’ll need 5 Healers in the place of 4

With respect to the foundation you’re likely to strike, often 5 much better than 4. Five Healers can quickly cope with 2 level defenses and you’ll have the ability to utilize them all through the raid. You’ll have 4 Healers operating at full potential, if you create a bad move plus one gets murdered.

You’ll wish to utilize the Warden

Like a dog, Grand Warden uses Archer queen within the raid. Do the Stroll right? Together, they’ll take houses along faster. Your King is going to be a lot more effective although being buffed from the Warden.

Use Large to cope with heat

3 items defenses are such a risk! But When you utilize 1-2 giant to consider of heat, your King can come out earning at full HP. Location then before your King and properly underneath the Healers If there is a Xbow targeting your King, your Healers will remain there they’re required. This may require exercise a little but believe me, it’ll be fairly simple!

Lava Chase will be the used troop within the Family Castle in Clan Wars, at the moment. Send a Hog in to the opposition foundation to complete a fast appeal in case your opponent uses only 1 troop within the Clan Castle once your King is distracting some defenses. If you will find lots of soldiers within the Family Castle, the Killer Cause can help you consider them.

Coping with the Eagle

You should use …, 5 healers, 2 Characters, 1 Killer, 1 Hog Driver, some Leaders as the Eagle is asleep. Utilize them properly and you will quickly open a broad street up towards the Eagle.

That is extremely important men! Everybody desires to appreciate some good free HP in the Healers! That will be nicer than being Cured and Tomed and your primary army under Trend? You and It’s absolute power will wish to accomplish this in most single raid!

The Poison Is Very Good

That is one of the very beneficial spells in game. Even though it doesn’t destroy soldiers outright however everything may slow down ample. I did create a little suggestion about that and you ought to read more about that at below.

Use Leaders and Bowlers

You’ll also wish to get somethings dealing with the healers whilst the entire army is going to be under Healers. The previous technique Large/Healers continues to be working like a dream. Healers + Bowlers can also be an excellent new combination also, particularly following the Bowler’s property area got reduced. Bowler’s attack range is amazing with no Air defense may have the full time to take your Healers down.

There’s also partners of other great ideas I do want to share. I’ll attempt to include them quickly beside videos and some screenshots. Stay tuned in my friends!

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