How to Connect BlackBerry 10 with Google ID to Play Clash of Clans

How to Connect BlackBerry 10 with Google ID is really important topic because  all of US understand, we could play Clash of Clans on BlackBerry but can not move your villages to Android and iOS apparatus or join it with Yahoo and Apple I-D.

But I read a guide about connecting Battle of Clans with Google I D on rim 10 yesterday, I followed that guide with my dad’s Z30 and It worked. I believe there are a lot of gamers are seeking this tutorial.

How to Connect BlackBerry 10 with Google ID

How to Connect BlackBerry 10 with Google ID to Play Clash of Clans follow these steps :

Firstly you need to download these applications:

  1. Google Account Manager
  2. Blackberry Google ID
  3. Google Play Store for BlackBerry
  4. Google Play Services
  5. Google+ Whitelist
  6. Google Play Games
  7. Clash of Clans (modded) – This is the new newest update – 03/25/2016.

Note: If your game crashes when searching for opponents, please install OS 10.2 (using Android Runtime 4.2) then update all new Google Services above. I am farming well on OS 10.2.

Transfer your Clash of Clans account to BlackBerry 10 from Android

After downloading, install all those apk files in your BlackBerry 10 mobile:


Note: If you are facing Sign in problems the read our article how to fix Google sign in problem and Ensure that you have linked your Conflict of Kin village with your Google ID.

  • Install Google Account Manager, after installing, don’t open it.
  • Install Google Play Services.
  • Install afterward open your Google account to be checked by Google Play Games. It will be working fine on BlackBerry.
  • Install the Clash of Clans modded apk file.
  • Open Conflict of Clans, visit the Settings menu and Signal In with your Google ID.
  • You and Clash of Clans on your BlackBerry can play with .

how to Connect BlackBerry 10 with Google ID

Link Battle of Clans on rim 10 to your Google ID

It is extremely simple to join your current Battle of Clans hamlet on your BlackBerry 10 apparatus to your Google ID. Make certain that you just and other village haven’t connected your Google ID because 1 Yahoo ID merely can simply be connected once.

Follow this guide to back up your rim device. You don’t want to backup the whole cellphone, just backup this sport!
Just Follow all steps above to set up Clash of Yahoo Support and modded on your own BlackBerry 10 device.
Restore the backup record in step one.
You’ve got completed.
Don’t unhesitating, ask me any questions and you will be helped by me. Do not forget If you find this tutorial of use to say thanks and share with your buddies.
You and Clash of Clans on your BlackBerry can perform today.

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