How to get free gems in Clash of Clans – Full Guide

If you are looking for how to get free gems in Clash of Clans? without survey and hacks then you are at right place and read this article till the end to get useful tricks and methods to get clash of clans free gems.

In this post, I ‘d like to show you all various ways as well as additionally exactly how you can use them most effectively.

Gems are practical for every single Clasher available– however they are pricey and also I recognize that numerous do not wish to invest hard-earned money to get them in the shop. The good news is, there are also different means exactly how you can obtain Gems in Clash of Clans for free, without investing a solitary Dollar!

I recognize a lot of you could now assume that this is dull, yet I will provide you insights to all the game associated elements behind it and also not simply make an easy listing.

How to get free gems in Clash of Clans

I have below the ONLY ways how you can get Gems without investing loan– I understand there are a lot of weird web sites around telling you to just give you Gems if you input your username. In fact, they are scamming you as well as you will either get nothing or tons of spam! If you wish to learn more concerning that, I’ve composed a review on these “hack websites” lately and also attempted several of them.

Currently allow’s begin with the ones that will really obtain you totally free Treasures as well as likewise some tips from me just how you can obtain the maximum quantity of Treasures.

Free Gems for rid of Barriers

If you eliminate trees as well as shrubs, you will certainly get some treasures from it. This all adheres to a fixed sequence that will run down again and again once more and it’s.

Treasures for getting rid of Barriers (Approximately 88 Gems/ Week).

So what does that mean? This means that getting rid of an obstacle will provide you 6 Treasures, then the following one will not offer you Gems, the following one will certainly give you 4 Treasures, the following one 5 Treasures and so on. When this series has been completed, it will start over once again.

Currently there’s likewise some confusion (as well as misconception regarding a problem) that I wish to clear up too. This sequence exists 3 times inside the game and they all run individually from each various other:.

  1. The initial cycle governs the number of Gems you get from a challenge in your Home Village. It breakthroughs when you remove a challenge in the House Village.
  2. The second cycle governs the number of Gems you receive from the initial challenges in the Building contractor Base (i.e. the obstacles that are spawned when you first go into the Builder Base). It breakthroughs when you get rid of such an obstacle in the Building contractor Base.
  3. The 3rd cycle controls the number of Treasures you receive from spawned obstacles in the Homebuilder Base (i.e. obstacles that spawned at some point after you get in the Homebuilder Base). It breakthroughs when you get rid of such a challenge in the Contractor Base.

You could have listened to that the small trees in the Building contractor Base will always award you with 6 Gems, the reason for this was when removing them out the first time, you obtained the 6 Treasures from the second cycle and afterwards clearing it off was awarding the 6 Treasures from the third cycle.

New Obstacles you can erase generate every 8 hours in your house Village and your Home builder Base also and looking at the gem sequence over, every removed challenge will certainly compensate you with 2.1 Treasures in average– so you have the ability to get 44 Gems every week from getting rid of barriers in your house Town and your Contractor Base each making it an overall of 88 Treasures per week!

The calculation over is 100% right, however the problem is: If a challenge is predestined to generate at a particular area, and is obstructed by your red area (also 1 ceramic tile ), it won’t generate for next 8 hrs.

GooseFraba in the official forum reported that back in 2014 and also every evidence pointed to that– you can take a look at his research study below.

So what does that mean? It suggests that the even more structures we have, the even more places that challenges will generate on will certainly be covered as well as they will not spawn elsewhere!

All you can do is removing challenges as often as possible to have as many spawning places for challenges readily available, however as a City center 11, you can anticipate to not generate greater than 30% of all challenges you might generate just because your base will certainly cover most of the places.

How to Get free gems in Clash of Clans from gems box

A Gem box will compensate you with 25 Gems if you remove it. Constantly remember that you can only have one single Gem Box in your town, so eliminating it when you obtain it is essential in order to get a new one!
A Treasure Box can likewise just generate in your base every 7 days. This does not necessarily suggest that you will certainly get one each week as it is likewise determined by the covered areas in your base like normal barriers.

You can additionally maximize the possibility to obtain a Gem Box by always cleaning out all barriers in your village regularly.

How to Get free gems in Clash of Clans from Events

Special occasions or it is said “events” in Clash of Clans are taking place almost each week and they will compensate you with 30-100 Gems if you manage to do the 3 assaults with the troop included in the current event.

That’s extremely simple in every case and also the reduced army prices will certainly also make you have a huge revenue in Gold, Potion and also Dark Potion for these assaults.

Right here are some instances from the past weeks:

How to Get free gems in Clash of Clans by mining gems

With the intro of the Contractor Base, all of us additionally obtained the choice to get a Treasure Mine that will create Treasures on a regular base without doing anything.
The manufacturing rate is rather sluggish however still a solid income stream for you. Obviously that updating it rather earlier than later will certainly aid you, yet if you have your Master Contractor active, you should at the very least concentrate on getting the Degree 1 Treasure Mine.

Attention! You will shed a lot of Gems by gathering them!

There’s one point that you will need to mind when collecting the Gems from the Treasure Mine! If you gather it, the production will certainly get completely reset, like with any type of other Mine or Collection agency. With the low manufacturing rate, this can toss you back a whole lot as well as you may have observed that you will certainly always only collect 1 Gem from it when you collect your resources frequently.

So if your Gem Mine did generate for allow’s claim 15 hrs, so (if it’s degree 1) it produced 1.3 Gems but you will certainly accumulate only 1 treasure from it. In this instance, the manufacturing got reset and also you wasted 0.3 Treasures (every day!) which will add up.

To ensure that you do not gather your Gems from your Treasure Mine whenever it highlights, let it compete for a number of days to reduce the loss of partial Gems.

Clash of Clans Free Gems through Achievements

If you manage to finish all achievements, you will gain a total amount of more than 10,000 Treasures. I know most of them are unlocked while you play over time, yet there are additionally numerous that you can intend to unlock.

One of the most important ones are pushing to Champions Organization once as well as additionally reaching 3,000 Trophies in your Builder Base– this will certainly reward you with 4,360 Treasures which is actually a whole lot!


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