How I made 654000 Loot in 3 minutes

Hello everyone, it’s me the Admin of and today I have made a 654000 Loot of coins and elixir in just 3 minutes and i have also created a video to explain How I made 654000 Loot in 3 minutes.

How I made 654000 Loot in 3 minutes

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Clash of Clans – How I made 654000 Loot in 3 minutes

We all know that clans of clans is a very simple strategy game in which one have to attack other to obtain loot of gold coins and elixir. This looted gold coins and elixir are used for upgrading armies, Town-hall, elixir drillers, Gold Mines, etc in common word we can say that looted gold coins and elixir helps to become more powerful.

The most special benefit of this loot is that i have used very less amount of army in it. Here is my attack army composition:



Archers: I have used 80 Archers of level 5 archers because archers occupy 1 housing space and requires only 300 Elixir to build up a single archer of level 5.

Minions: I have used 15 Minion of level 1 archers because archers occupy 2 housing space and requires only 6 Dark Elixir to build up a single Minion of level 1.

Hog Riders: I have used 18 Hog Riders of level 3 archers because archers occupy 5 housing space and requires 52 Dark Elixir to build up a single Minion of level 3.

Important: Hog Riders play an important role in obtaining good loot these days because they attack the defense troops at first and after finishing the defense of the opponent then they play a good role in destroying building, storages, Town hall, everything else which comes on their way.

King: I Used King on this attack because it adds a good supporting role while the attack and doesn’t even cost any penny.

Healing Spell: I have used Healing Spell of level 5 to add life support to my troops during the war specially to Hog Riders when they attack on Wizard Tower the power of all the hog Riders are reduced due to regular area splash attack by the Wizard Tower and it only takes they housing space of 2 but there are some disadvantages of using Healing Spell:

  1. It requires 10 Minutes to Build Up.
  2. It costs 22000 Elixir to build One Healing Spell of level 5.

Important: If your troops are stronger and are greater than 6 level, Don’t use Healing Spell in that case to save your Elixir.


Total Housing Space and Elixir/Dark Elixir used:
Archers = 80 x 1 =80 Housing Space | Cost: 80 x 300 = 24,000 Elixir
Minions: = 15 x 2 =30 Housing Space | Cost: 6 x 15 = 90 Dark Elixir
Hog Riders: = 18 x 5 =90 Housing Space | Cost: 18 x 52 = 963 Dark Elixir
Healing Spell: = 3 x 2 =6 Housing Space | Cost: 3 x 22000= 66,000 Elixir

Total Cost: 

1. 206 Housing Space including Spell Housing Space
2.90,000 Elixir
3. 1,053 Dark Elixir

Total Gain:

304,084 Gold Coins .
350,468 Elixir
708 Dark Elixir

Total Profit:

Gold Coins: 304,084 – 0 used = 304,084 Gold Coins (Huge Benefit).
Elixir: 350,468 – 90,000 = 260,468 Elixir .
Dark Elixir: 708- 1053 = -345 Dark Elixir (I have used huge army of Hogs and Minions, i’ll minimize the use of dark troops in my next attack to save Dark Elixir).

Result: Quite Impressive.

Thanks you for your love and support for my attack strategy: How I made 654000 Loot in 3 minutes, If you have any suggestions/questions to ask please do comment Below and we would love to answer them out.

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