How to make 5,000 Dark Elixir loot in 5 Minutes

Hi my friends, today I’m likely to discuss my best farming technique How to make 5,000 Dark Elixir loot in 5 Minutes each morning whenever you awaken or create around 50,000 Dark Elixir daily by playing significantly less than one hour total of Clash of Clans every single day which is all without actually improving all of your Barracks. I understand a lot of US have careers and can’t and college usually have the ability to village in long periods. Therefore I’m heading demonstrate people the best solution to increase how much Dark Elixir you may make every day and never have to spend long being online on Clash of Clans each day.

How to make 5,000 Dark Elixir loot in 5 Minutes

How to make 5,000 Dark Elixir loot in 5 Minutes

How to make 5,000 Dark Elixir loot in 5 Minutes Guide:

General Strategy

Therefore the concept of this tactic will be able to rapidly strike an ordinary starting providing around 2500 P by utilizing no more than HALF your army. After which easily repeat that strike again using the partner of the army. I understand everything you guys are planning, that it’ll be too hard assault a foundation with half an army. But that’s not the case with this particular technique, I’m and it’s really super easy heading demonstrate that.

Army Composition

For this process, you’re planning need an Archer King. I get asked constantly exactly what the Archer Queen’s minimum degree needs to be. So I’ll attempt to demonstrate people more cases in my own potential movies with weaker level Archer Queens however, my Archer King is level 25 below. I said we’re considering my military, and likely to be using 5 Healers per raid, you can observe that I just have 6 Healers. So am I designed to attack with 5 Healers easily just have 6? Well that’s the wonder of the technique since after your first raid, you could have 4 more Healers instantly prepared to right using the new Barracks queuing system. To ensure if we employ 5 Healers that means, we’ll have 4 more Healers and 1 Healer outstanding prepared from our Barracks, indicating we’ll have 5 Healers prepared instantly to use. Today to create this happen, you’re likely to have to queue up your military in an exceedingly specific manner.
I know prefer holding Hog Individuals in my own Family Adventure with this particular technique since I will use defenses for my King to clean up. If you learn how to just use 1 Trend Cause per raid and grasp this assault!

How to army for  5,000 Dark Elixir loot in 5 Minutes:

TH9 troop capacity magic number = 276
TH10 & TH11 troop capacity magic number = 296

Barrack 1: 2 healers, 4 wbs, 13 barbs, 1 healer
Barrack 2: 2 healers, 4 wbs, 13 archers, 1 healer
Barrack 3: 1 Healer, 4 wbs, 39 barbarians, 1 healer
Barrack 4: 1 healer 4 wbs, 39 archers, 1 healer
Spells: Only Rage Spells and Poison Spell

And so I hope this tactic can help you out a great deal. I would recommend queuing up this military every evening since whenever you awaken, you’ll have the ability to rapidly strike twice and create a massive quantity of loot extremely fast prior to going to rest. Furthermore, because it takes less than one hour to coach for this military, you are able to strike twice rapidly every time with this particular technique, and when you average 5000 P every five minutes, you may make around 60,000 that evening by just playing to get a whole around 60 minutes of Clash of Clans.

Therefore I’m going attempt to have significantly more excellent types of this tactic on my Clash of Clans Youtube channel and just how you may also create an amazing amount by improving your barracks too. Thanks for reading!

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