New Town Hall 11 look, Wizard Tower Lvl 9, Storages Lvl 12 and Sneak Peeks etc

presently the Sneak Peeks don’t keep down and even there are new building levels presented there’s something in today’s Sneak Peek I discover significantly additionally intriguing – another search for Town Hall 11! What?! Yes, it got reported somewhat more than 1 month back and we even now get another look. Likewise, new Wizard Tower level, Storages get another level furthermore the Lab.

Town Hall 11

I think all of us remember the look when Town Hall 11 got announced on ClashCon, let me help you remember with this screenshot:

Numerous Clashers thought this is not fitting that well into the topic – I for one enjoyed it all that much. Then again, overlook that photo above, we will never see the TH11 look that way. Today’s Sneak Peeks includes the last and authority look of the new Town Hall 11 discharged in December 2015

Come on, this now looks simply amazing! Also, I don’t remember any building in Clash of Clans with that many details. I’m stunned. I hope you like it, too?!

Wizard Tower Level 9, Storages Level 12 & Laboratory Level 9

Another Town Hall Level additionally makes new overhaul level for structures and guards conceivable. TH11 is not having any effect and we will get another Wizard Tower level, Laboratory level (possibly that will give us an insight for another troop and spell?!) furthermore the Storages develop, obviously:

Want a better comparison to the former levels? Not problem! Here’s the Wizard Tower Level 9 and lower:

and also the Gold and Elixir Storages Level 12:

I for one see them developing together with the look and feel of Town Hall 11. Actually I sought after a more red gleaming Wizard Tower 🙂 basic grin The new Storages will hold an aggregate asset limit of 10 million on Town Hall 11, so we don’t need to expect any new Storages and the maximum number will be 4 of every kind.

The new Lab Level 9, where ideally our potential new Dark Spell and Dark Troop can be enhanced will resemble this:

Obviously, likewise fitting the new Town Hall 11 subject.

Mind in another place

Likewise an extra gameplay change for those at home in the high trophy range. While seeking new bases to assault there will be a sound notice when you’re in the mists when either another base is discovered or you need to restart looking:

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