Scouting enemy Guide

Scouting enemy Clan in the planning day is imperative If you need to have an extraordinary war with clear assault techniques and the best Clan troop creations by recognizing what accurate assault procedures the adversaries are going to utilize.

The man who sees through life and demise will meet with most achievement.

By doing scouting perceptions, you can expect what troops they will use in their Clan Castles and in addition what armed force syntheses they will use for striking.

Scouting enemy Guide

Scouting the enemy Guide


Scouting the enemy troops


By scouting the enemy troops, you can anticipate the assault methods they will convey to you.

For instance: Assuming that we have a TH8 Vs. TH8 war. In the event that the foe player who has the same position as you has level 3 Dragons, level 2 Hogs and level 1 Golem/P.E.K.K.A, I can anticipate that he is going to utilize Dragons for the most elevated possibility of winning the assaults.

Obviously It’s difficult to anticipate what bases they are going to assault however you generally can uncover their most grounded assault procedures to locate the best Clan troops syntheses and additionally nice War bases for your Clan to manage them.

Scouting enemy town and CC lodging spaces


Truly, I’ve once in a while seen players do this before Clan Wars.

At to start with, I focus the Clan Castle lodging spaces of the foe players. After that, I discover who have the best troops for giving and visit their home town to see their armed force camps. Next, I begin checking the limit of their Clan Castles on the War Map.

Here is an awesome sample for you: At the past Clan War, I scouted a top town in the foe level 5 Clan and saw that he was preparing a considerable measure of level Wizards. It’s really unprecedented If you can cultivate with just Wizards, isn’t that so? So I just however they would be given to the foe Clan Castles. I opened the Clan Wars guide and began scouting their CC limits and they were similar to 15/25, 21/25, 18/30,…

Nothing was ensured except for in light of the known data in the wake of scouting It was very self-evident: 15 = 3 Wizards + 3 Archers | 21 = 5 Wizards + 1 Archer | 18 = 4 Wizards + 2 Archers. What’s more, yes, they utilized those troops as a part of their Clan Castles at the past War, much the same as what I anticipated.

This is not a genuine guide but rather ideally It can give you a few tips and traps to get ready before each War, and obviously, these tips don’t work with Clan which has a lot of Town Hall 9 and 10 lol with maxed troop

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