Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails -17 Key Tips

The most important thing to get ahead in Clash of Clans is to avoid Epic Fails and One of my most loved things about CoC is seeing replays of assaults that totally fizzled. So here I am with my new post informing all my subscribers and Clash of Clans for PC readers How to Avoid Epic Falls in Clash of Clans by providing Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails.

Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails

Tips for Avoiding Epic Fails

1. Try not to Get Your Golems in a Bunch

Golems have a great deal of hit focuses, and function admirably to secure other, more helpless units. In the event that your Golems are all on top of one another, they will make an unfortunate display giving spread to your Wizards, Witches, and so forth. Spread those Golems out and use them to “tank” those protections while your high harm every second units move in from behind and take out those structures.

2. Try not to Mix Your Troops

Stay with a triumphant, demonstrated assault method. Blending air and ground units is once in a while a smart thought. Watch others’ replays and gain from them. You can adjust the armed force sythesis to your preferring yet in the event that you’ve never seen anyone attempt it, it might be on account of it’s not a viable assault.

3. Hey! Watch Where You’re Aiming That Thing!

Spell situation. You’ll hear this again and again in my features. Numerous fights are won or lost essentially by where you drop the spells.

Conflict of Clans Spells A. Fury spells – Watch nearly, know which structures your units are going towards, and envision their developments. Drop those wraths in front of them, so they utilize the territory of impact longer.

B. Lightning spells – sit tight for simply the right minute. Discharge your lightning too early, and you may miss the troops your going for. In case you’re attempting to destroy those family château troops, sit tight for them to pack very close together.

C. Stop spells – Try to drop them over however many protective structures without a moment’s delay as would be prudent. Know the range of impact, and time it for when your units need it the most.

D. Bounce spells – Don’t drop your hop spells where you WANT your units to go, drop them where they ARE going. Once more, know every unit’s conduct, and attempt to envision their development

4. Keep in mind the Little Guy

Watch out for those Clan Castle troops. If not managed legitimately, they can destroy to a decent assault. On the off-chance that you can’t haul them out and dispose of them toward the start of an assault, verify you’re arranged with a lightning spell, or a fury spell and a couple of additional units, in the event of some unforeseen issue.

5. Try not to Zap Drags

Try not to waste a lightning spell on a Dragon. On the off-chance that a Dragon leaves the restricting Clan Castle, you’ll have to manage it another way. Spare the lightning spell for a little building, or another assault.

6. Clear the Area

In case you’re attempting to get your units to the focal point of a contradicting town, you’ll have to recollect that most units head towards the nearest standing structure. You’ll have to clear the encompassing structures to one side and the right first.

7. Try not to Go For the Gappers

“Crevice” bases, with welcoming little spots for you to send your troops, can be deceiving. As a rule, ALL of your adversaries’ safeguards are laid out in a manner with the goal that they can fire on that detect the minute the fight starts. Likewise, the spot won’t be so natural to discover once the fight begins and you may have a troublesome time tapping on it rapidly to send more troops.

Try not to Leave Healers Hanging

8. Try not to Leave Your Healers Hanging

Verify your Healers are well far from Air guards amid an assault. Likewise, in case you’re utilizing an anger spell, attempt to get them inside of the region of impact for best results.

9. Try not to Cross the Streams

At the point when assaulting a base with two Inferno Towers, it is best to line them up-so that you’re just confronting each one in turn. Two multi-focusing on Infernos can burn 10 of your little units in only a few moments, and rashly end an assault.

10. Try not to Get Splashed

Watch out for the sprinkle harm from cautious units like Wizard Towers and Mortars. Stay away from, no matter what, sending the majority of your units in a little gathering close them. Only a couple hits and you could lose everything. Rather, utilize bigger units like Giants and Golems to head towards them, and spread out units behind, similar to Wizards, Witches, and Archers to take them out.

Witch and skeleton armed force

11. Don’t Over-Estimate Witches

Indeed, the Witch can be an intense unit, creating skeletons at regular intervals amid a fight. Be that as it may, she’s extremely delicate. You have to convey Witches far from safeguards to give them time to develop their skeleton armed force.

12. Bring Your Friends!

On the off-chance that at all conceivable, verify you bring a full Clan Castle and both your King and Queen to each fight, regardless of the fact that you don’t anticipate utilizing them. It’s generally great to have a wellbeing net.

13. Try not to Touch Me There!

Focus when assaulting particularly when utilizing a littler screen like that of a telephone. One wrong touch and you can convey your troops in the wrong spot, or rankle a tree amidst the timberland.

14. Work Wallbreakers Wisely

Know what number of divider breakers are needed for the occupation you need them to do. Try not to waste them by sending in too much and watch out for flying mortar shells. Attempt to time their discharge with the goal that they evade those huge slugs.

Traps and bombs – goodness my!

15. Watch Your Step

Pay special mind to bombs and traps. Send in test units if at all conceivable before conferring an extensive number of troops to a particular range. Numerous a fight has been lost when a whole unforeseen of Wizards or Witches are pulverized in a moment.

16. Check Your Spel-ling

Verify your spells are prepared before looking for a town to assault. Twofold check your stock to verify you haven’t overlooked them.

17. Never Enrage a Raging King

The King’s exceptional wrath capacity and the Rage spell don’t stack on one another. Try not to utilize them together.

These tips are a long way from exhaustive, yet are a decent begin to helping you win more assaults, and maintaining a strategic distance from excruciating and excessive disappointments!

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