Should we use Cleaning Troops?

Should we use Cleaning Troops?

In most Group War, we could easily observe that lots of people don’t have sufficient time to complete off all buildings on the floor, despite removing all defensive structures. We need troops! Cleaning Troops aren’t usually needed however it is definitely a good idea to create them to the attack.

Should we use Cleaning Troops

Should we use Cleaning Troops?

Period is just an extremely important element of 3 star episodes while raiding. We have to cope with the full time working out although coping with the bottom is difficult. Everything must be completed swiftly should you don’t wish to wind up the raid with only 2 stars while Troops are traveling the bottom to obtain even the worst, 99% –, or the Contractor Huts 1 star.

Therefore, using Cleaning Troops is essential if you like to obtain more percent for the family and obtain a much better raid.

Some strategies for you before using Cleaning Troops

  • Don’t give over 10 property areas for Cleaning Troops or it’ll damage your targeting methods. Dropping 5 cleaning Wizards towards the Large Blast is bad at all.
  • For cleaning Don’t attempt to use your Family Troops.
  • Don’t wait too much time, attempt to decrease your cleaning Troops when an industry is clear. Your raids are however ruined by implementing them too late!
  • If defensive Group Castle Troops remain alive Don’t use Cleaning troops. They are able to alter their instructions for your cleaning Troops anytime!
  • It’ll be not bad to make use of 2 Wizards and 2 Archers/Minions if you are using ground attack methods.
  • You are able to provide partners of Minions if you opt for air strike methods.
  • Generally, if you should be really bad at with them, you need to release them after losing your last Cause.
  • Usually anticipate where your Troops are likely to beat the conclusion of the attack.
  • Notice the structures that’ll be overlooked by your troop funnels to find the best aspect to release Cleaning troops.
  • Don’t release them on the part If all defensive structures there aren’t down.
  • If your attack methods defeat defensive structures in the beginning (Hog Individuals, GoHog,…), you are able to release Cleaning Troops when your military has completed 50% of the bottom.
  • Using Skeleton Cause is a superb method to cleanup bases
  • The Skeleton Cause for clearing up. Drop them on defensive structures that are locking in your main army. Drop them on remaining structures If there isn’t any floor-targeting defensive building nearby.


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