Valkyrie-Wizard War Attack Strategies

Hello everyone, it’s me the Admin of and today I am sharing the latest Valkyrie-Wizard War Attack Strategies to win war of clan. This clash clans attack strategy is really effective when your in war, so let’s check it out.

Valkyrie-Wizard War Attack Strategies


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Clash of Clans – Valkyrie-Wizard War Attack Strategies

We know that clans of clans is a very simple strategy game in which one have to attack others clan in order to rank their clash clans higher and it helps them-self  to stand higher in front of other clasher’s  from all around the world. Attacking on clash of clans also reward you with lot’s of gold coins, elixirs, dark elixirs, trophies , etc. So it is very important to win the clash of clans war in order to gain those benefits and save your clans reputation.

Now heading towards the Valkyrie-Wizard War Attack Strategies, I have used this Strategy because it uses less Resources ( Elixirs, Dark Elixirs) and it is very helpful in destroying the opponent clan’s player if his/her Town Hall is under 10.

Here is my attack army composition Valkyrie Wizard War Attack Strategy for war of clan:


Archer: Only 1 Archer for bringing the stored troops in the clan castle in this case it’s dragon.

Wizards: 18 Wizard to make huge Destruction.

Valkyrie: Make huge Destruction and they are very hard to kill.

Other troops: King, and troops donated by my clan.

Spells: Poisson, Healing and Rage Spell to power the COC War attack.



Total Gain:

51,000 Gold Coins .

51,000 Elixir

180 Dark Elixir

Plus War Win Bonus will be Half Million.


Thanks you for your love and support for my attack strategy: Valkyrie Wizard War Attack Strategies, If you have any suggestions/questions to ask please do comment Below and we would love to answer them out.

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